USPAS Accelerator Physics Fundamentals

June 4-15, 208, East Lansing, MI
Sponsored by Michigan Statue University



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Course personnel:

Text and Background Material

The primary text for the course is Syphers and Edwards "An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators", which will be provided for the students. 

This course will be very similar to the previous Funamentals course taught in January, 2016. In particular, you may want to look at the homework and final from that course.


This course will use the MADX and G4Beamline programs for a couple of the homework problems. 

MADX is a standard program for accelerator modeling.  It is supported for Windows, MACOs, and most linux systems.  You can download it from the CERN site here.

G4Beamline is a scripted version of the GEANT4 simulation package, which is starndard for HEP detector simulation.  You can download the program here.  It is supported for Windows, MACOs and linux.  The first time you run the program, it will download quite a bit of data the GEANT needs for simulation.

The output of G4Beamline is in ROOT files.  If you are familiar with ROOT, you make analyze them directly.  Otherwise, a GUI HistoRoot program can be found here.  Note that HistoRoot requires a specific version of ROOT, which can be downloaded at the same location.



Guest Lectures


Handed out in class.

Homework and Final

Homework will be assigned each day, with the exception of:
Unless otherwise specified, homework will be due the next morning.

Final exam, given Friday, June 15, 2018:


Grade is based on:
The following figure shows the statistics for this course, out of 31 students taking the course for a grade.  The score on the final exam is percentage out of 70 points possible.

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